Project Details

Catholic Dioces of Awka


The project to transform a hospital into a teaching hospital, represents a pioneering effort to combine clinical excellence with medical education. By integrating medical training, research, and patient care, this initiative aims to elevate the quality of healthcare services while nurturing the next generation of medical professionals.

Regina Caeli (Teaching Hospital)


  • Medical Education Programs
  • The teaching hospital will collaborate with medical schools and universities to offer a comprehensive range of medical education programs. These may include undergraduate medical courses, residency programs, internships, and specialized training.

  • Clinical Training Facilities
  • The hospital will provide state-of-the-art training facilities, simulation labs, and specialized units where students can gain practical experience under the guidance of experienced clinicians.

  • Faculty Development
  • Recruitment and development of skilled educators and medical professionals will be a priority. The hospital will encourage ongoing learning, research, and the adoption of innovative teaching methodologies.

  • Research Initiatives
  • Establishing a research center within the hospital will encourage medical students, residents, and faculty to engage in medical research projects. This fosters a culture of evidence-based practice and medical advancement.

  • Collaborative Learning Environment
  • The hospital will facilitate regular interactions between medical students, residents, and practicing clinicians. This environment encourages the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and best practices.

  • Patient-Centered Care
  • The teaching hospital will emphasize patient-centered care, ensuring that medical students learn not only clinical skills but also the importance of empathy, communication, and ethical decision-making.

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • The hospital will offer CME programs for practicing physicians and healthcare professionals to update their knowledge and skills in a rapidly evolving field.

  • Community Outreach
  • The teaching hospital will engage with the local community through health awareness campaigns, free medical camps, and partnerships with local clinics, contributing to public health education.